Elderberry Jam Improv 

Hi guys,
Thanks for such a great first night of BAIT. We had 75 paying customers, 6 fantastic groups, and countless laughs.
Congrats to The Feeling is Mutual and Moon Bounce Command for coming in first. Every team was within striking distance, and that’s a testament to quality performances you all put on. 
Remember, you all get free admission to the BAIT Finals on Aug 21. We’ll just check your name off the cast roster you submitted when you registered, and you’re in. Since we’re holding the finals in the upstairs theater, which seats 300 or so people, we would love for all of you to come to make sure we have a full house for the performers. 
If you or your fans have any pictures or videos of last night, please share them via email or post them to the BAIT page on Facebook. We’ll include your photo credit and we’ll cross post them to the new BAIT website. 
We hope you had fun. We did. And it was clear the audience enjoyed it as well. 
Please forward this email to the rest of your team.
Thanks again,
Mike & Jeff
God Bless AARP, baby boomers and comedy in general​

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