Elderberry Jam Improv Auditions

If you are interested in auditioning for Elderberry Jam, please contact us at Elderberryjamimprov@gmail.com. 

The way it works is we find a time for you to practice with us. You pay what we pay for our director’s services-$10 each 2 hour session. Typically if things are mutually sympatico, you come back for 2 more practices and at that time our director weighs in on artistic compatibility in advancing the troupe. 
Choices are outright offer, an “apprenticeship” until your skills in our format are up to performance quality, or an invitation to try out again 3-6 months later when you have had a chance to hone your improv skills. 

Our goal is to be inclusive and welcoming while at the same time continually improving the quality of our shows!

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