Elderberry Jam mention in CT Improv

Julia Ludivici Pistell founder of Sea Tea Improv

Post on CT Improv

I just wanted to say that I see so many amazing events that I wish I could go to. Elderberry Jam, Reginald Kingsley, every Middletown show, writing groups, open rehearsals, teen classes in New Britain, Concrete Tomato’s awesome show, festivals…. these are all AMAZING, amazing contributions to our community, our culture and our art. It is so cool to watch it all happening and growing so big and so fast. I want you all to know that if I could be at everything, I absolutely would (and I know that Greg and Dan feel the same way– we miss being able to get to everything!). I promise you that I’m spending 95% of my waking life talking to contractors and dealing with the city so we have this theater– that’s what I can contribute right now, but watching you all put so much into your art is inspiring. Thank you all for your dedication, love, hard work, and support of each other and comedy.

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